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Overnight Safety Services

When Clients find themselves in hospital due to unexpected illness or injury, their families are often concerned with their safety and comfort due to hospital staff to patient ratio.

Overnight Safety Services

Hospital staff do their best to attend to patient needs, but it often proves difficult when Clients require more individual attention.  Individualized care offers peace of mind and often accelerates departure from hospital.

  • Supplemental hospital support services to ensure comfort and safety; may reduce complications and length of hospital stayCertified PSWs remain awake overnight providing respite and peace of mind for families
  • Personal care, positioning, ambulation, transferring and toileting, support for pre- and post-operative care.
  • Companionship and general assistance in all settings
  • Assistance with meals, feeding by mouth, assurance of adequate fluid intake
  • Safety for clients with dementia
  • Communication with hospital staff and family

Personal Care and Hygiene

Our Certified PSWs provide direct one-on-one care as a constant companion and caregiver. Care can include personal care activities such as feeding, toileting, bathing, oral care, grooming, hygiene and dressing. Caregivers maintain a clean and tidy environment, can change soiled bedlinens and organize clothing to be laundered. Hospital stays can be lonely and isolating, our PSWs provide companionship and communication to ease anxiety and confusion.

Safety and Comfort

Providing comfort and safety during hospital stays can include adjusting sheets and blankets, pillows, fans and room temperature. Our PSWs are trained in positioning and re-positioning in bed to avoid pressure sores. Our Staff observes Client condition throughout the shift and reports changes to hospital staff. Clients living with Dementia are cued and supervised to prevent wandering and agitation.

Mobility and Transfers

Second Family Staff can provide assistance with mobility, including assisting the Client to walk with or without mobility aids, assisting the hospital staff with transfers into and from wheelchairs and assisting with turning in bed. PSWs ensure Clients are safely moving in bed and can assist with light exercises and ROM.

Relief for Family Caregivers: Respite and Palliative Care

Our PSWs provide overnight palliative care services either in home or in a care community that aids both the Client and Client Family with comfort and dignity during end of life care.

Family and loved ones wish they could always be there but in overnight care situations it’s not always possible or practical.

Respite services are also available for Family Caregiver respite, in home or in a care community.